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The Multi-Function Vehicles (MFV’s) of Tomorrowland

Andrew T.


My favorite part about Tomorrowland are the MFV’s, or Multi-Function Vehicles. These car-like vehicles are able to hover like a hovercraft, drive like a normal car, and go underwater like a personal submarine. In submarine mode the MFV runs on a specially designed Nitrogen fuel-cell. In car and hovercraft mode, it runs on the Nitrogen fuel-cell, but is augmented by an ultra-efficient, waterproof solar panel on the roof of the MFV. This is a key element for sustainability of the environment, which is even more important given the increased population of Tomorrowland.

These MFV’s help with daily life because when traffic is backed up, you can hover over the other vehicles, utilizing unused airspace to get to your destination on time. If you are really adventurous, you can take the family on a day trip under water using the submarine mode! Not only are these modes fun for the whole family, but would also be useful in case of emergency. For instance, you can hover over houses to get to the hospital more quickly, or if you are near an ocean when a Tsunami hits, you can get the whole family in the MFV and submerge safely below the surface until the threat is over. The MFV is also fun to show off to friends and family and makes traveling much more efficient. No more being stuck behind Aunt Bertha while she’s driving Miss Daisy!