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The Near Future!

Jacob W.


I just finished my homework and my mom tells me its time to go to bed, so I brush my teeth and put my p-jays on and jump into bed. After about a minute I fell into a deep sleep. I woke up in a dark room, its silent, then all of a sudden the lights turn on and a man in a white robe greets me and says that the year is 2030, I get up from the bed and the man tells me to follow him. I don't remember much but I do remember walking down a hallway. The hallway seemed to last ages, but after a little we went through a door, into a large room. The room was empty except for a table with something on it. On it was a helmet, I examined it closer it said on the side "Head Ware". I asked the man what it was and he said,"it is a helmet that taps into your brain waves then sends it to our server it seems like a dream but really you were sent into a virtual world, in today's world we use it for medical situations for surgeons in training."My vision then started to get black, then suddenly i woke up in my bed. Its now been a month since that dream and I have been gaining the attention of the world about my idea, over that time I have been saying that we should find out the way the brain waves work so that we can convert that into movements in the virtual world. I hope that someday my dream will become a reality!