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The New Way Of Eating!

Jose M.


The world is full of so many different eating habits. Including: vegetarians, vegans, meat-eaters etc. I have discovered an invention in the future that will revolutionize the world forever. It is a new way of eating that will solve various problems with one single invention. It is a single pill that you take and it completely crushes your hunger for one meal. The pill gives you any flavor of food you would want. Not only that but it contains and gives you all the nutrients your body needs. This new way of eating solves many things, such as: destruction of plantation, it saves animals lives by preventing them from being killed and it has solved the major issue we have today with our water running out, by allowing us not to spend so much water on plantation. The way this pill works is that when being produced all the nutrients and vitamins that the body requires are inputted in powder form to the pill, after comes the flavoring, which is an artificial flavoring, that gives you the taste of the food you crave. This also solves weight issues because you are not consuming any bad fats. This is truly revolutionary; it is the new way of eating!