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The P.U.L.S.E.

Jacob P.


Left turn-signal, check your mirror, look over your left shoulder and let go. The PULSE will take you safely down the freeway. Just choose the exit number or street name and let the machine do the rest.
Here in the future, I see many miracles being performed; however, one stands out: People Usefully Launching a Speedy Escort (PULSE). I long to remember the days of constant vigilance while zooming down busy freeways, the hundreds of cars sitting still because of unruly drivers who crashed, and being restricted by slow speed limits.
This new system of freeways uses the latest technology in electromagnetic pulses. Scientists have harnessed this energy instead of gasoline to power cars. Bursts are emitted through a pulse train. Each car has been made to withstand the voltage of the burst. The cars are all pulled along at a constant speed eliminating variables such as: faster drivers, slower drivers, bad drivers, and drunk drivers. Each transmitter is built protectively along the freeway using small bursts to prevent radiation, interference, and any issues. A group of humans will constantly be monitoring the system because reasoning is a gift humans have.
I have a few recommendations. Our world must research harnessing electromagnetic pulses for civil use not only for weapons. Work to implant this system into one freeway as a test. Build this across the country creating jobs for the unemployed, also boosting our economy. Remember that with this new technology, safety and total health are still the greatest goals.