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The Power Source That Saves Humanity!

Zane M.


For a long time, people have worried about the eruption of the super-volcano Yellowstone. So, why hasn’t Yellowstone erupted and destroyed part of Tomorrowland and, is it a coincidence that Tomorrowland uses massive quantities of energy without a problem?
In Tomorrowland, scientists have taken geothermal energy to the next level. They have created a program called the Yellowstone Grid Program. They have an underground grid of pipes that not only conduct the heat but also seamlessly transfers pressure and energy of the magma to the power station. Once it’s there, a new water-like chemical is poured onto the pipes. The new chemical instantly evaporates and turns into a super-expanding steam which turns a turbine and powers Tomorrowland.
This is more efficient than solar and wind energy. It utilizes 99.999999998% of all the energy Yellowstone produces. That means only 0.000000002% of energy is lost in the process.
(The only downside is that there will be no more geysers in Yellowstone to attract tourists. However, all of humanity lives to see another day.)