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The Screen of Cures

Eve D.


The future of health as we know it has changed. In the land of tomorrow, scientific, medical, and disease research has grown to an all-time high. In this land of tomorrow, you can get cured easily for any disease. This new invention of the future contains all the medical and scientific research there is. For this invention, a small screen will scan you for any virus, disease, medical problem, and genetic problem. In this world, no one has to lose their hair, die from cancer, or go blind. This is the ultimate medical machine. Once the scan goes through doing quick genetic computer testing, it will list things you have, had, or will get. In seconds, a small, dissolvable pill will pop out to cure you of what you have or may get. In an instant, you will be cured, refreshed, and optimistic. Many lives have been saved because of it. People have been given second chances, in the world of tomorrow. They don’t have to worry about sickness and diseases. They can learn, appreciate, and experience more than they could before, helping them make meaningful differences. The world can help move this invention forward faster by collecting, analyzing, and entering data related to diseases, and by making cures for every possible known disease. This technology should be available to doctors everywhere. We can use internet programs to share this technology. This device had, is, and will save many lives now and in future generations.