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Tobias B.


Hi my name is Tobias. I have a brother who has cerebral palsy, is deaf & has other health problems. My brother used to cry when he saw kids outside playing and I started pushing him in 5ks, then we did the Oklahoma Marathon 5k. We are going to do the ironman together someday. Then I saw your contest & the idea came to me. If me & my brother lived in Tomorrowland Time I would design the SELF-DETERMINATOR. I don’t want it to change my brother or his legs–cause I think he is perfect the way he is. But they would be waist high lightweight titanium steel strap on legs, with small bursts of jet propulsion or maybe hydraulic pistons to allow him if he felt like it to get on up out of his wheelchair & run next to me in our races. I think other kids in wheelchairs would like the opportunity to strap these legs on, get up & run and play too. This way the kids wouldn’t be different anymore, just able to decide when they felt like being in their chair or running around playing.