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The Shrink Claw

Raymond J.


Wouldn't life be easier if transportation of any sized object was as easy as carrying a suitcase? I'm about to tell you about my invention in the future. I was feeling worried because on the news there was a big tornado and it destroyed a lot of people’s homes and they lost their food. I thought how I would feel if I lost my house and everything in it. The news said there were few trucks that could get in there to deliver them food. I felt bad for them and wanted to help. This gave me an idea. In 2508, scientists were developing shrinking abilities, a bit like a shrink ray. So I created an invention that could immediately resize the exact atoms of an object to fit in any package. I made it into a sort of claw that would cling onto the object to shrink it. I made it so that it had buttons on it to make the objects shrink or grow. This invention solved transportation problems in an instant, but it was not the final project yet. The clinging part would shrink when the object shrunk and it would take me five more years to perfect it. So I was extremely excited that now many people in disasters like tornados could easily get food. And I bet in the future many people will develop other good uses for this.