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The Solution to Energy Crisis

Michael R.


I am reporting from the year 3100, a clean and efficient earth also known as Tomorrowland. Quantum physicists have found a way to harness the power of nuclear fusion to power everything you can imagine. There is no more need for fossil fuels, electricity, hydropower, or wind power; however, solar power is still used for agricultural uses. Nuclear fusion has allowed for many innovations as now energy is limitless and infinite.
I will try to explain how it functions; two atomic nuclei come together at a very high speed releasing a massive amount of photons which is how the energy is created. In your time, this is too volatile, but it is possible in the future Tomorrowland. To achieve this, a space station must be built in order to capture the energy that is released from stars. At the space station this energy is transformed into radio waves that can safely be transferred to earth to an atomic panel generator that then enables the energy to be dispersed to various areas where energy is needed.
What you can do to prepare for this upcoming technology is to interest youth in science and let them know that nothing is impossible in Tomorrowland. Encourage young minds to be curious and wonder. This will cause imagination to exponentially grow. Good luck, future Tomorrowlander, the future is yours.