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The Solution to Polution in the Sea

Hannah D.


Oil spills and trash in the ocean are a huge problem which takes a lot of time and effort to fix. My design fixes this problem by using a waterproof mechanical robot that has the ability to separate the molecules of the compounds, such as water and oil, and can recognize the elements in the compounds, such as 2 hydrogen and 1 oxygen makes up water, and let's the water out and keeps the other substance, such as oil, in. This design also allows this autonomous underwater vechile, also known as an AUV which means that the robot is not connected to the boat or landing where it is released and is pre-programmed, to blend in with the aquatic marine environment so that nothing in this environment is disturbed. To do this we would make the design look and move like a realistic marine organisms. Depending on which specimen and environment you choose to base your design off of it depends on how much and what it can hold. For example, if the robot is based off of a whale instead of an octopus, the whale could hold a lot more oil and trash than the octopus. This invention will change the way we clean and see our oceans. It is an invention that we could see in the future. The future such as in Tomorrowland.