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The Space Conquerors

Emmanuel M.


It was the year 2050 we realized that we are conqueror, and we can conqueror any planet that we wish. As conquerors we have the resource to live in different planets, Universe, even in different times line. In the year 2022 a boy invented a machine that changed the futures of humankind. In the year 5/2/15, I traveled to 2050 were I asked about the invention that intrigued me, I was told it was the father of Invention starting from the year of 2017.

E-Extractor is essential to human. E-Extractor is a machine that extracts chemical, water, basically anything that is liquidy. For example if you put a gasoline in the machine it will separate the hydrogen and carbon. you can extract water and other chemical out of battery, it cleans water, separates water and salt from the ocean.

By the year 2030 the earth was over populated. The E-Extractor contributed to us when we took it to the moon. With it we were able to melt the ice and drained water out of the rocks, do the existence of water we were able to visit the moon for more info. Furthermore, we started moving to the moon for it's sustainable to humans.

E-Extractor is helping us human further reaching our full potential in this universe, which is conquering.