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The Swift Band

Jennifer M.


A huge giraffe stood over me, grabbing leaves off of a tree. There a was a strange collar around its neck that intrigued me.
“What is that band around the giraffe’s neck?” I asked my tour guide, pointing up at the giraffe towering over my head.
“Oh, that’s a Swift Band,” the tour guide replied. “It is currently being worn by most animals out here in the wild. The band has many advanced sensors that track animals’ movement, abilities, pain levels, and so much more. Scientists use this new technology to be sure that animals, like this giraffe, are healthy and not in danger of going extinct. All the information from the tracker goes directly to the smartphones and computers of the zoologists that are involved in the study.”
“Wow, that’s cool!” I responded. “How does it prevent animals from going extinct?”
“Each band has a very small needle that automatically gets injected into the animals’ necks. I can assure you that this does not harm the animals in any way. The needle is actually capable of protecting animals from harm,” the tour guide continued. “It emits a recently discovered substance into their bodies after detecting an injury or illness. This substance helps to cure the ill animal or mend its injury extremely fast.”
I looked at the giraffe, still hovering above me. Suddenly, it bent down and slid its long tongue across my cheek. My tour guide chuckled.
“We definitely don't want animals going extinct!” I laughed.