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The Temperature Neutralizing Suit

Olivia B.


Due to global warming mankind has left behind the ever changing fashions of the 21st century. Citizens of Tomorrowland wear practical temperature neutralizing suits that protect against extreme temperatures. Contrary to popular belief, these suits are not at all cumbersome and function in temperatures over ranging from -210 to 345 degrees.

The outer surface of these suits are made from a combination of cotton and polyester and are completely scorch-proof. The layer beneath retains heat using thermal pellets. In areas with hotter climates a fine mist can be sprayed inside the layer of pellets activating the cooling function. Below the layer of pellets is a quarter of an inch of thermal interfacing, which serves as an additional barrier against the cold. The interfacing is made from microfibers that can even retain heat in damp environments. The layer closest to the skin is a delicate water retaining web-like material that absorbs perspiration from the skin and cools down the inside of the suit.

The suit not only allows the wearer to survive in extreme temperatures but it also monitors their vitals. Microscopic sensors in the water retaining layer monitor body temperature, heart rate, and respiration. Sensors in the outer layers monitor the suits internal and external temperatures, and can make adjustments in the suit if needed.

While the extreme heat aspect of the suit mainly combats global warming on Earth, the suit will also become a necessity during colonization of other planets where the climate is unknown.