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The thought transmitter

Gabriela W.


When something happens you can take a picture, film or write about it, but none of those options let you show, “explain”, what you felt, like how is a texture, a smell or even your emotions, the SENSATION. It really bores when you want to explain something, but the only way people will really understand is to FEEL IT.
With neurotransmitter technology you pass the moment’s memory to thougthkeeper, a special memory card, which registers all you’ve seen and felt in a specific moment (that you choose). This card may be inserted in thought transmitter, a machine connected to a neurotransmitter, used by who wants to “feel” and understand the moment.
Why will this be revolutionary? Because when you can reproduce the neural information,” you can explain unexplainable things”, like the symptom of a disease that sometimes is impossible to explain, this will help developing solutions to such diseases. This may also be a new way of data transmission.