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The Time Traveler

Katherine S.


I just came back from the tour in the future to tell you about an amazing invention I saw, The Time Traveler! It is an amazing time machine that would take you anywhere you wanted to go in the past. It was super easy to control too! It is a little box that can fit in your pocket. When you press the red button on it, a digital keypad would automatically appear! All you do is type in the date you want to go to and if you have a specific time of day. A portal will appear and you jump in! Within just a few seconds you will be in the past! I asked the directer of the tour why they invented this machine. She said they wanted to make sure the kids at school were getting the best education possible, so somebody suggested a time machine. They said that it would be a great learning experience for kids and adults. What better way to learn than to talk to people from that time period themselves? Instead of just reading it from a book. Now in the future all of the field trips at school are going back to the past to learn all sorts of things in person!