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The Transportalator! A new spin on transportation.

Carter S.


As I was walking through the streets of Tomorrowland I saw a whole bunch of houses but no body coming out of it at the time so I asked someone why and they said they haven’t turned off Transportalators yet. What the Transportalator basically is a new form of travel. The Transportalator is a portal that can take you anywhere you want to go. The Transportalator attaches to your door and it comes with a dial with a whole bunch of names of places on it and when you spin it to the place that you want to go you open your door and you just walk through and you would be at the place you want to be. So say you wanted to go to work you would spin the dial to the name of the place you work at then open your door and walk through and you would be at work. Now I know you are wondering well how do I get back home, well every place on your dial would have a Transportalator and would have your house’s address on the dial so you would spin it to your address and do the same thing you would do with your Transportalator at home and you would show up in your house. To get out side you would just have to turn off your Transportalator. The Transportalator brought a new form of transportation and made going places easier. What the Transportalator runs off of is recyclables.