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The Traveler

Kate B.


There is a place where anything is possible. Where new and exciting innovations are being discovered every day. This place is Tomorrowland, the future. Not only are there advancements in health and fitness, but there are also advancements in space travel. Tours to the moon have become regular and affordable to the public. However the most revolutionary invention is definitely NASA’s latest project. NASA has developed a rocket that has transported a human out of the Milky Way galaxy. The Traveler blasted off on its month long expedition in the year 2200 racing at 95% of the speed of light. The mission’s purpose was to capture photographs of outer space from a location man has not yet dared to explore. Scientists were amazed to find that one side of the universe was filled with numerous, colorful galaxies, while a dark abyss of nothingness embodied the opposite side. Scientists are presently exploring the possibilities of what could have caused the empty chasm. Once the mission’s objective was achieved, the Traveler and its passenger returned to Earth safely. This success has opened new doors for space exploration and has created the opportunity to discover new knowledge about our solar system. The Traveler’s expedition was a major stepping stone for the future.