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The Upbeats

ema d.


Imagine a world of music that revolves around you emotions and how you feel? Well look no further, the Upbeats are here. In my journey fifty years into the future I have found that the Upbeats are nothing like the original beats, but more advanced and compatible with all types of music.The Upbeats are a type of ear buds. They are comfy, compatible, and can detect your emotions. These devices can read your emotions by detecting your heartbeat through your ear, this is why this unique invention can not be made into a head phone.

When these ear buds are detecting your heart beat, these ear buds can change your music to something more groovy or gleeful depending on your feel or mood. If your heart beat is pretty slow and gloomy then the Upbeats will change it to something that will raise your mood. By raising your spirit it will cause your dopamine level to rise causing you to be happier and more well assured for the day.

I noticed while I was in the future, kids had better attitudes. It has been proven by researchers even that when children in schools have a better attitude they work efficiently, leading to better grades. The Upbeats have been proven to cause kids who listen to music in and out of school to have improved grades. Since kids have improved grades, they succeed more in their in school and out of school careers, leading to more college graduates.