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The Virtual Trash Can

Jivitesh I.


As I stepped into the future, I furiously rubbed my eyes. What used to be a farm, was now a huge city. There were flying hover boards, floating holograms, and much more. But I also realized that there were no trash cans, or recycling bins anywhere! After a lot of roaming and searching, I finally saw why. A tall man walking beside me, was drinking a futuristic cola, took a marble sized ball out of his pocket. He simply tossed in into the air, and it expanded into a large disk the size of a car tire. I also saw a hole into the middle of the disk, which apparently was a portal to a dump. He threw the cola can into the portal, and as I was thinking of how he could throw cans into the dump, the dump changed into a recycling center millimeters before the can fell in. It was neatly organized on a conveyor belt. The man then formed a curve with his hand around the portal, and it turned back into to futuristic marble. He then pocketed the ball. As he walked into a store, I saw a floating holographic poster saying, “Virtual Trash Can, 99¢ only!” It indeed was the same one the tall man had. I ran away before I fainted with excitement, and thought about how an excellent report to the past this would be.