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The Water Portal

Jordan M.


Hello! My name is Jordan and I’m reporting from the future. I’m telling everyone about an amazing new invention called the Water Portal, and it's being used across the planet.

Water Portals allow humans to go to great depths in the ocean without being limited by the pressure of the water. These “portals” are actually a special type of glass balls that are big enough for humans to ride in. There is also an auto-pilot option for tourists. Water Portals don’t pollute, so they make an extremely environmentally friendly option.

Because of Water Portals, our knowledge of the ocean has increased so dramatically, that we’ve discovered over 1,000 new species of water creatures, including a deep-dwelling water mammal distantly related to dolphins. In the future, thousands of underwater plants have been added to an ever-growing list of new species. Some parts of the ocean have been fully discovered, and others are still hidden, so who knows what’s yet to be discovered. Also, Water Portals can help with making these new discoveries. Science has gained so much because of Water Portals.

However, there’s a way that we could change the future. Scientists here agree that if more people invested their time in exploring strengthening glass, then the Water Portal could be achieved faster. If the Water Portal was created earlier, we could be so much farther ahead in this field.
All in all, the Water Portal is an extremely important invention that could take us to new heights. Or depths.