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The Window

Kayla C.


Whomever This May Concern,
Greetings from 2158. If my calculations are correct, this THP (Time Hopping Pod) should have popped out around 2015. If they’re incorrect, I’m terribly sorry; please disregard the rest of this note.
My actions have broken almost every Time-Interaction rule. Even in the future, stealing is frowned upon, and let me just state that I don’t, or ever have, possessed my own THP.
At this point you must be worried about being contacted by a time-machine thief from 100 years in the future, but I assure you my actions are completely justifiable. I’m writing to tell you about an innovation that has shaped our society that I hope will shape yours as well. Recently, global ties between countries have been much stronger, thanks to a special window.This window, when looked through, transmits an electric shock to the brain’s neural pathway, targeting and halting chemicals that lead to immediate conclusions based on discrimination, resulting in a clear image of the person across from you, not based on your own opinions of gender, race, or appearance- but on the fact that they are a human being that deserves respect.
This window has allowed world leaders to discuss things peacefully and has spread a new wave of compassion and unity through the world. After reading up on your society, I decided your world could greatly benefit from this too.
I implore you to not let my crime spree go in vain. Have a safe journey to Tomorrow.