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The Wonder of Electric Building Blocks

Isaac B.


The Empire State Building is an incredible landmark in New York City. It took 3 years and 3,400 people to build it. Wouldn't it be great if there was a way to build a building with only one person in just a few minutes? Well, there is a way! With the amazing Electric Building Blocks you can easily make any building you can imagine by using your computer and the Electric Building Block software. Design your building on the computer then download the information to your blocks. Each block contains six magnets which are covered with a special plate that blocks their magnetic force. When the build button is pushed, the plates covering the magnets move and the blocks form into the building you designed. Smaller blocks can then be inserted into your building. These blocks provide electricity, plumbing and all the other components needed to make your building include the latest technology and modern conveniences. Just think of all the time and work you can save. Most buildings cost millions of dollars or more to build. With the Electric Building Blocks, the cost of creating your incredible building is reduced to a minimal amount. These not only save money but save an incredible amount of time and labor. Just imagine how Electric Building Blocks can change the world!