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Therapy of the Future

Avery B.


Sabrina was depressed. Her friend's pool party was in two days and Sabrina couldn't swim. She was afraid she'd be left out.
"Sabrina! I've signed you up for an all-day swimming lesson!"
"MOM! I'm afraid of swimming. I can only stand in the shallows!"
"How about you use my brand new Therapad?"
Sabrina grabbed the sandwich-sized Therapad from a table. She downloaded "Swimming" and pressed "Go". She was immersed in the sensation of happily swimming over and over again. With confidence, she then sailed through swimming lessons and learned a lot. Two days later she had a blast at the pool.

The Therapad will be invented in 2100. Even in 2015, holographic virtual realities existed. However, although someone could see fake surroundings, the tactile sensations were limited. Advanced haptics, like touchable objects made from air controlled by ultrasound waves, were in an experimental stage in 2015. Haptic technology in 2015 could let someone feel textures, like brick or metal. The Therapad projects holographic visual surroundings around a user. It also creates a haptic bodysuit that can make a user feel like they are in many different situations by applying pressure to the skin. The Therapad rapidly creates a virtual experience of the user constantly and successfully completing the task, like swimming or skiing, that they were afraid of. This relieves the irrational stress and fear, desensitizing the user of the anxiety so they can learn the new activity in real life. The Therapad is the therapy of the future.