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Thermal Controlled Apparel

Viviana G.


I have recently visited the future, and I saw many creative inventions that have not yet been made into a reality. One of my favorite inventions was the thermal controlled apparel. It was different types of clothing that you could adjust the temperature of. There was a small thermostat on each piece of clothing that controlled the temperature of the apparel. You could turn it up, down or to the current temperature. The thermostat was on the left or right shoulder area for the shirts, and the left or right pocket for the pants, depending on your preference. Another reason why the thermal controlled apparel was so popular is because of its stain resistant and antibacterial fabric, that also had a built in dry cleaning feature so it always stayed clean. There was a button to turn on the dry cleaning feature under the thermostat, so that all of the controls are in the same place. This invention changed the world because it helped save water that used to be used to wash clothes, and saved energy that was used for heaters and air conditioning. I think that this invention really did help to shape the future, and perhaps the future could become a reality sooner if we created more inventions that changed the world like the Thermal Controlled Apparel.