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Tommorowland’s UnExtinctinator

Alyce W.


I got off the flying monorail and saw what seemed to be a Woolly Mammoth. I knew that they were extinct so I rubbed my eyes. It was still there. It was standing in front of a conspicuous building. Since I was curious I went into the building. There was a big machine with the title: Tommorowland’s UnExtinctinator on the front. Next to the machine there was a sign so I walked over to read it. It said:

This machine will revive extinct species. All it needs is an extinct animals remains put into the front and then the animal will come out the back. There is a drawer in the side of the machine. When the machine is done making the animal it puts its ancestor’s remains into that drawer. Since it does this you can use the same remains over and over again.
Gasping I pinched myself to make sure this wasn’t a dream. It hurt so I knew it couldn’t be a dream. I just couldn’t conceptualize a machine that makes extinct animals become animals again. A sudden movement caught my eye. I saw a robot placing what seemed to be a dodo bird’s skeleton onto the conveyor belt. Watching in awe I saw a living dodo bird come out the other end. It was so extraordinary. I quickly pulled out my phone to take some pics. I snapped pictures of: a Dodo bird and a Woolly Mammoth. Then it was time for me to leave Tommorowland.