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Tomorrowland Pen

blanca r.


I've come back from the future of Tomorrowland. Oh the things I saw were incredible. My favorite new invention of Tomorrowland was a pen that's not ordinary; it’s called the Tomorrowland Pen. This pen acts as a G.P.S tracking device. How this pen works is you make a mark with the pen on an object, human and even animals. This pen uses G.P.S technology and DNA to track the object, animal or human to its exact spot. It’s genetically engineered to act as a microchip only with no harm; it’s as if writing on yourself with a pen. The way this pen is built is by first taking a regular pen of your choice and measuring it to be the same exact height, and the same exact width. It’s then filled with tiny round shaped microchips that look like they’re even smaller than pebbles. The microchips contain their own code that can be tracked with any computer. The microchips are especially engineered to be waterproof and indestructible. The best part is that the pen can be designed to however you prefer it. Use your creativity to put whatever design you desire. This pen has become very helpful; since you can just put a mark on any object, animal or human. Every plane, new and old, must be marked by this pen. These pens have been an amazing help in saving the lives of endangered children when being kidnapped. As well as finding crashed airplanes under the ocean.