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Tourist Traps

Rachel B.


In the future, there are so many BIG useful things, that people don't often notice the SMALL, incredibly useful things. One such thing is the WatchYourBack, a watch or app that, aside from adjusting to the time zone you're in, gives you info and fun facts about the city you're visiting. It gives you tips about how to fit in with the locals, and warns you of sensitive cultural or religious boundaries. And though people may not realize it, crime rates of the future have lowered, because the WatchYourBack warns curious tourist of laws they're about to accidentally break. In the preference settings, you change the way you're WatchYourBack sounds -- ranging from authentically human to robotic to zombie. You can also change the appearance of the watch form, and silence it to anyone not touching the watch. If you're wondering about something not on the default list of facts, you can just ask it. To avoid answering the questions of another person or tour group, it's voice activated. This was an unbelievably useful item here in the future, and soon the modern/past world can have it too! You're already on your way to it. See you then!