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Translate-Ears for Peace

Kareyn H.


Imagine a group of world leaders meeting around a table at the United Nations. Newspaper journalists are clicking their cameras in the background. There is at least one translator for every leader. The American might say, “Why haven’t you signed that paper for me?” A Chinese diplomat could be easily offended because he might think it could cause him to lose the respect of his peers. A better thing to hear would be, “I’m glad you agreed to sign that paper for me.” At a bigger level, misunderstandings such as these could eventually lead to war!

Tomorrowland’s Translate-Ears is a global language decoder. It looks and works a lot like a hearing aid, but it is actually a mini computer. This computer has voice recognition software and several language databases. It passes sound waves through the software and into a speaker inside the ear canal. It also uses noise cancellation technology to dull the original voice to prevent reverberations. Rather than give a word for word translation in the same tone of voice, it corrects for the above mentioned cultural sensitivity issues as it translates. This revolutionary device is real-time, portable, and culturally appropriate.
I am writing to you in 2015 because this device has prevented many larger scale wars by enhancing verbal communication. Bringing this idea to industry leaders in language translation will help save many lives by allowing the technology to be developed sooner.