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Transportation 2.0!

Varun W.


I have brought news from the future, and one of its most revolutionary transport devices: the hoverboard! It is fast, eco-friendly, and small. It is made of an aluminum alloy. It works with a strong electromagnet implanted in the roads of cities, powered by solar energy, and a corresponding magnet on the hoverboard. Thus, it “levitates” off the ground. Solar panels on the surface of the hoverboard generate enough electricity to power the craft’s systems, day or night. All pilots are required to get a license and wear a special helmet that shows virtual lanes in the air on the visor. A lever turns the board’s magnets, changing the course of the board. The board is about the size of a large skateboard and is about six inches tall, to house the generator and magnets. When not in use, you press a button to cover the magnets, thus landing the craft. It is a single person transport device.

The people of the future use this because it is fast and creates no emissions, leaving the earth pristine. It has greatly reduced our dependence on fossil fuel. Another huge impact is that land has been freed up in a big way, allowing people to build parks, gardens and more.

To help make this a reality, we can continue research in the fields of magnetic levitation, solar energy, and virtual reality.