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Tyler R.


I remember the past, now the technology is much more different, or better in another word. I know because I came here through a time machine. There are more inventors, engineers', and scientists. Everybody's lives are easier, less complicated. Though, I wish that people would go use some of the ''traditional'' things, like snail mail.

I'm a writer, and I'm writing about the future.

Everybody loves the time traveler, called the TravelThroughTimeBot4000 [TTTB4000]. We can send people, animals, plants, and just about anything. Except, for buildings. That, we can't send through. The invention was created by William Boroughstin III. It was first introduced to us February 11th, 2024. We tried it out, and you can even buy your own mini one. For 1,000 dollars, of course.

I have connected with people from the past. I ask them different things about the past, and what they think they future will look like. I just throw the letter through the portal and I sent a letter. There are also different kinds of TTTB4000's, but to send items to other places in this century. Now transportation has been so much easier, we've sent cars, people, and animals to other places. Fewer deaths happen nowadays, we can send people to the emergency room by just sliding them through. The TTTB4000 is also safe. No deaths have been reported due to the TTTB4000.

Personally, I think the TTTB4000 should've been invented years ago.

I've seen the future and this is my story.