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Jackson O.


Tubes have been used a lot in the past. To breath underwater, to work with plumbing, and for holding chemicals. So far it's only been used to transport liquids but what if it could do more? I see a world where pipes can transport food through pipes to certain locations. You can type in the food you want into an IPad-like panel and then it will be sent from a store through the tube and right into your hand. Don't worry about the people who work at grocery stores. Their job will be to move the groceries to the tube to send the stuff the buyer. But why stop there? You could make tubes with enough room to move humans. How these work is there is two pipes right next to each other one to send so you make a vacuum with enough suction to pull the object/person to the designated place. If it is a person they will in a tube with door at the end of it where you can open and walk out. If it is food you can grab it from the small tube and take it home. This may not work with more then one person but you can add more tubes next to each other. Tubes have more potential than just transporting water and I want them to live up to it