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Two Lines of Kinetic Energy

Claire G.


When I traveled to the future, the first thing I noticed was two lines in the sky. One was red, going from the north to the south, and the other one was blue, going from east to west. Though the two lines looked insignificant, they made a huge difference in the future. Right now, we are desperately trying to find new forms of renewable energy to support our energy-wasting form of life. In addition, the need for energy gets even stronger in the future. In the future, my great-granddaughter, Crystal Alchemedy, found a way to harness the kinetic energy of the earth's rotation. I was told that it took 35 years to build the device piece by piece, send it into space, and then reconstruct it around the earth. The device also had to travel at the exact speed that the earth revolves around the sun. The device is made out of carbyne, the strongest material on earth, and it has withstood around 15 years when I went to the future. However, we can take steps toward making the device now so that we can supply the world with more sustainable energy in the near future. One way to do this would be to start looking into more efficient ways of harnessing kinetic energy and further developing the ways we already have. My favorite part of going into the future was seeing these two little lines that impacted the future in such a big way.