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isaac B.


“No way dude how did we do that?” asked Peter looking at Robert
“This isn’t possible it defies the laws of physics ” Robert said as he looked on his desk in which bright green ball of energy was floating in mid air.
“What is it dude” Peter asked waking up to the object
“I think we have just crack the code on how to create ball lighting. The same ball lighting that Nicolas Tesla theorized in 1905.”
“You know this is a huge discovery and people would pay you billions to get their hands on this right.” Peter said to Robert
“Yes and....”
“I am getting at that we should go even further with this. I mean right now we just made history. We could put our names on the history books. We would be inventors at the same level as Einstein, Tesla, and Edison. It‘s what we dreamed about.” Peter described with all enthusiasm.
“You know what that just gave me an idea in one hour we will be as famous as George Washington.” Robert explained.
Three hours later
“I think it’s finished” Robert said raising his welding mask
“Source coded uploaded” Peter said
“To invent, you need a good imagination and a pile of junk.Thomas A. Edison”
“That is so true” Robert reply after taking his glasses off to wipe the tears away.
“Transmitting electricity without a conductor who would’ve guess ” Peter said
“The future is about to get real.” Robert expressed in delight.
All of the sudden the shop door opened reveling 5 black SUV's and men in black suits. A man came towards Peter and Robert. "I am sorry guys the future is already here." He then snapped and their machine dematerialize."Take them away."