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Using trash to produce energy

Nicolas Y.


What if we can do more than recycle? What if we can create energy from trash?
The invention in the future would be a machine that can process the trash after compacting it and create energy. This way trash instead of going to landfills will produce energy and help conserve water. The energy created can be used then for machinery, power tools at crops fields and so much more.
Everyone collects their trash in some containers that will be emptied in the trash converting machine and then the trash with be converted into energy that thru some energy lines will go back to the fields to power tools needed for crops. This will also help with the reduction of contaminants into the environment since we will be using all natural energy. We will still recycle paper, plastic and glass but will use the food trash to produce natural energy. The concept is like using methane from food decomposition to generate powerful energy with the help of gas conversion into energy. Initially the machine will also use worms to help with the trash decomposition and then the machine will generate energy. Not only this will help with natural way to produce energy but will help to reduce trash in our environment.