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VIG-T: Tomorrow’s Solution to the Obesity Pandemic

Brin S.


In 2015, the world is suffering from an obesity pandemic and intervention programs are not successful.

Zip. Zoom. Travel with me as, I, a future S.T.E.A.M scientist, travels to Tomorrowland to meet the Smart family. Centuries ago the Smart family’s ancestors were at high risk for obesity, but the Smart family, just like their neighbors, is now lean with body mass indexes (BMIs) under 20. How has this happened?

Here in Tomorrowland, intervention and innovation have been intertwined to create a successful, global, obesity solution—VIG-T.

The solution, used by the Smart family, is an intervention program with daily vigorous exercise that takes place on a technological innovation. The innovation is a portable treadmill, engineered to be no larger than a standard 2015 laptop, that goes under your feet equipped with sensors to monitor daily health data like heart rate, BMI, and calories burned. It uses the Internet of Things (IoT) technology to share the collected health data with personal healthcare professionals. Thus, it provides “on the spot” vigorous exercise with networked “fitness” monitoring for the Smarts and all of Tomorrowland. Mr. and Mrs. Smart exercise while sitting at meetings and brother and sister Smart exercise while sitting in class.

Today, we can all be “smart,” by engaging in vigorous exercise and supporting S.T.E.A.M science that will expedite VIG-T becoming a reality so that humankind can benefit from intervention and innovation that promotes “Lean Is In, Move and Be Thin.”