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Virtual Books

Fareen D.


Everything finally turned back to normal. I had the craziest dream! Or maybe it was a vision of the future, either way it was clearly the most amazing way to get sucked into a book.
I was sitting on my daybed reading a book, when suddenly it all changed. I was still in my house, but the book I was reading was no more, now there was a small disc with the title on it. I picked it up, confused... everything started to get blurry.
Not even two seconds later, I found myself in a small, congested room. Slowly, I turned around looking for a way out, nothing in the room was familiar. In front of me stood what looked like a projected screen on one of the walls. When I reached my hand to touch it, nothing glitched and it was solid.
There was a question on the screen reading, “Which character would you like to be?”
Under the question, many options appeared giving names of the characters from the book. Astonished, I clicked the second option, Cassia, because that was the main female character.
For the third time, everything faded, then was replaced by yet another setting. This time it was a house that wasn’t mine. It seemed quite familiar, and I realized it was Cassia’s home. Her body moved, taking me with it. I finally understood that I was in the story looking through the eyes of the character. Talk about losing yourself in a good book!