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Virtual Reality Generator

Jack H.


I have come back from the future to tell you about something called Real Life. Real Life is a virtual reality generator. First, you enter a tube that transports you into your mind. Next, you think of a place that you would like to be, such as your home, and Real Life brings you to that place. After that, you think of your own life like you want it to be, but here's the catch, everything that happens in Real Life has to be logical or be possible, so you couldn't just grow wings and fly away. An example of what could happen is say you want to have pizza for dinner, a pizza wouldn't just appear out of no were, it would probably have a pizza man come and knock on your door to deliver pizza. You might think, but what if you think of something and you don't want that to happen? Well, whenever you think of something, it doesn't just happen, you would have to push a button that is on a bracelet on your arm, but you wouldn't see the bracelet on your arm unless you were thinking about it or wanted something to happen in your Real Life. Another question you might ask is what if you wanted to stay in your Real Life for a long time? Well, there is something for that too! The people of the future have created a liquid substance that your body absorbs through your skin and into your body. The liquid substance, known as glerm, is given to you through pads in the Real Life tube. The pads are located were you lay your back. The pads also absorb liquid waste from your body through your skin before it even gets to your bladder! As you can see, the people of the future created cool things!