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Virtual Reality Video Games; the Future of Energy

Michael L.


Here and now, in our time, video games are becoming very popular, and many kids and adults use them to enjoy themselves and have fun together. When I went to the future, I found the evolution of video games. In our time, we have Virtual Reality just starting out. The people in the future have made Virtual Reality into the best that it can be. They have made it not only more fun than it is now, but they have also found a way to make games a completely renewable power source for the whole world! The device itself is a simple looking headset which covers your eyes and ears for visual and audio effects. The best part about it is what the neurologists added to the mix. When the brain has fun or enjoys something, it releases the neurotransmitter dopamine. When dopamine is released, a large amount of energy is created in the frontal lobe, where the “reward system” of the brain is located. This device connects to the frontal lobe through an optional implant, and if activated, takes some of the energy and puts it through a power cable. The neurological energy is then transformed into electricity by a supercomputer. This energy is absolutely 100% clean, and all that needs to happen is for the player to have fun. To make this happen faster, increasing funding of both neurologists and video game designers would be a great place to start.