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Jacob B.


Title: Element Manipulator
The Element Manipulator was first successfully run on August 19, 2398, after nearly twenty years of research and $82 trillion. During the late 24th century, the human empire of New Rome experienced a shortage of the newly discovered element Zanthium, this element was discovered years prior and was already the leading energy source for planets and cruisers. Without this energy source, it was predicted that the empire would experience a dark age that could shatter the empire. To avoid this dark age, a project was started which was aiming to find a way to create more Zanthium, their solution, the Element Manipulator. The Element Manipulator takes elements and compounds, and breaks them down to pure elements and separates and stores the pure elements until use. When someone enters the desired element or compound into the interface, the machine calculates the how much of each element stored is needed and deposits them into the divider. The divider then takes each atom of the elements and breaks them down even further into electrons, neutrons, and protons. Once divided into its basic building blocks, the atomic parts are sent to the constructor to be rebuilt into the desired element or compound. The electrons, protons, and neutrons are then formed back together to create the needed elements for the compound or desired element, like Zanthium. The energy needed was astronomical, but one Zanthium battery wielded enough to make ten more. The revolut.... TRANSMISSION ERROR