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Wearable Human Charger

Anirudh P.


Every human in tomorrowland is happier, healthier and high functioning than humans of today because of one breakthrough invention called “Wearable Human Charger". This incredible invention looks like a grain of rice.It can be embedded in anything that humans wear or could be inserted inside the human body. It does an amazing job of recharging the human brain and the body of the wearer.

First lets see what exactly does this charger do?

This charger lets the brain experience new stimulating activities and increases the brain power when turned on. It also provides human body with constant supply of nutrient dense boosters.

Next lets see how does this charger work?

*While wearing these chargers humans can talk to a 4D holographic image of a friend,family member , teacher or famous person of their choice from any century anytime, anywhere. And these images are backed by artificial intelligence. These conversations increase happy hormones levels in humans.

*Nutrient rich boosters from the charger pass through skin or the dermis and enter the bloodstream nourishing cells in the human body.

*When humans wear this charger they experience the scent of essential oils which calm nerves.

*Specials Lights from these chargers improve vitamin D levels and the mood.

*Scientifically designed, sounds from the charger lower the blood pressure and help humans relax.

Wearable human charger is the coolest thing I found in tomorrowland. I can’t wait till I start building one.