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WELCOME TO THE FUTURE: The Air-Powered Vehicle

Sila F.


Imagine driving down the freeway and you pass by a gas station. You race away thinking, “I don’t need that.” Your car runs on the renewable resource, air. It all around us! People have thought about ideas like this one, but they had never attempted making it a reality, until now!
When I had time-traveled to the future, I took a tour in an interesting car factory. I asked the mechanic how it worked and he replied with this, “First, energy has to be stored in the air by squeezing the air securely using a mechanical air compressor.” I tried to process it all in my head. It was too good to be true. He explained deeper, “Then, once the compressed air is released, it expands. The bloated air then is used to drive the pistons that power the engine.” I thought about. It would be wonderful to have a car that runs on air because it would reduce pollution.
Gas powered vehicles in the present are making it more and more difficult to breathe, and our healthy air will soon be put to rest. We could solve this urgent problem by using air powered cars and trucks. Fuels, such as petroleum are rapidly going to be non-existent, but air is all around us and will never run out. That’s why we should put air powered vehicles in production.
When I came back to the present, I realized that the distant future will become past. Us, as human beings, will soon look back on this contribution and remember when we thought it was impossible.