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Whimsical: Magical Wristband

Jeril A.


When I visited the amazing Tomorrowland with my friend Eric, we saw everyone on the streets wear a colorful wristband. One person became really mad for no reason. But suddenly, we noticed that the wristband started vibrating and his anger magically turned into nice comments. When I asked him what the wristband was, he told us that it’s called ‘Whimsical’ and it turns negative thoughts into marvelous thoughts. He said the wristband can know when you’re mad because your brain releases special chemicals when you get upset. The wristband then releases little particles that absorbs the negative thoughts and releases positive thoughts instead. We can study how our brain works more so we can understand how it can do so many things. We can also build new devices that work with our brain and other parts of the body. This invention will help the world because people will be nicer towards others and become a better person. I hope this invention will be invented now so that violence will end.