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World Alert System

Adia B.


People say nothing is impossible; that it's only a matter of time before what is imagined becomes a reality. The impossible begins in the mind and lives in the future. I've seen the future and it's incredible! Many of the inventions and devices I witnessed were pure genius - things I couldn't conjure in my mind existed. The best inventions weren't luxury items that made life more interesting or easy, what I was most impressed with were inventions made to save lives. My favorite invention was the World Alert System - or WAS. WAS saves millions of lives daily by alerting the world of upcoming natural disasters. Presently it is not uncommon to hear about a calamity bringing chaos to some part of the world. Tornados, earthquakes, and avalanches are able to sneak up and take multiple lives. WAS incorporates multiple geocentric satellites equipped with sensors that analyze the weather and seismic activity, constantly ready to alert the world at the hint of a disaster formulating. Evacuations are able to start early and fortifying measures initiated that save millions. This may sound like a boring invention, but the way the alerts are issued is amazing. Messages are broadcast into the sky so there is no way they can be missed. On sunny days they are sent out and look like planes contrails - like old sky writing. On cloudy days or nights a laser message is projected into the sky. In Tomorrowland, even on the darkest day, the future remains bright.