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Jemima H.


Last week my class won a trip to the future to visit Tomorrowland. During our visit we toured a hospital, oddly the hospital was rather empty. We learned this is due to the Wrist-Alert. The doctors informed us that in the past (our present), around one-third of the American adult population suffered from high blood pressure and countless died from either a heart attack or stroke each year. This led doctors to create the Wrist-Alert. The Wrist-Alert is a device that everyone wears in the future that tracks your blood pressure, heart rate and many other factors. If one or more of these factors gets dangerously high or low, your doctor is notified and an ambulance is brought to your location immediately. It especially helps people suffering from a medical condition such as high or low blood pressure or someone who has had a heart attack, it also protects citizens that are unaware of a potentially deadly condition within their body. These devices are worn just like a watch and are assigned to everyone at the age of 16. Each Wrist-Alert in pre-loaded with all your medical history and current information on the wearer, ie. emergency contact, age, address, etc. The doctors of Tomorrowland said this product has already saved millions of lives and is a great addition to the medical world.