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The HM Helping Move disabled and paralyzed

Alexander J.


Hi my name is Xander, and my class just recently went on a field trip to Tomorrowland. I met my grandson, and he was paralyzed from his neck to his feet. The strange thing I noticed was that he was walking and moving around like Nothing was wrong! Many, people in our world have been hurt so badly they cannot move. Well, this machine, called the HM (Helping Move) helps them. This technology came out the day before I went to the future, and my grandson was very excited to show me all the things he could do. If the are still able to move, but they can not themselves, HM will,read the person's brain signals to help them move that direction or pick up something. Sometimes, however, people have been injured to the point where they can not move at all or further damage will happen. Then the HM acts as a person, doing the thing the Paralyzed person tells them to do. Then they can express themselves like they were once able to. We are already advancing toward this kind of technology. There are machines that read brain waves and people can make things move with their mind! Right now, machines similar to HM are helping people walk, but the HM lets them grab with their fingers and move their toes. This is way better than flying cars, because HM helps people move with ease. I hope we live long enough to see our injured friends and relatives use HM so they move freely. See you in Tomorrowland.