I’m from the future with a message about an invention that could change your present day world. It is a nanobot that blocks pain during an operation.

The nanobots block pain by stopping messages about pain from getting to the brain. When you feel pain, nerves called nociceptors fire, releasing packets of chemicals called Substance P to the next nerve. When Substance P gets to the next nerve, it triggers that nerve to fire. The same thing happens to each nerve on the way to the brain. When the brain receives this message, we know that we are feeling pain. The nanobots stop the nerve from receiving Substance P.

It is easy to get the nanobots to the operation site. The patient takes a pill containing the nanobots. The nanobots have small pieces of ferrous metal inside of them, which is attracted to a magnet that the surgeon can use to guide the nanobots.

Then, the nanobots vacuum up the Substance P. The next nerve won’t receive the Substance P, stopping the pain message from getting to the brain. When the body is done healing, the surgeon guides the nanobots to the kidney with the magnet, where they will be removed.

The nanobots aren’t addictive, like some medicines, and won’t have any lasting effects. This is a very clean way of helping patients cope with pain.

You already know how to make nano-sized carbon shapes, so the first step is to figure out how to make machines out of those!