Earth in 2015 had some primitive forms of energy collection. They nearly destroyed Earth by burning fossil fuels, and it took some of the brightest minds to create a solution. The solution utilized the power of the atom. Fusion, as we call it, is heating two atoms to a temperature so high that their nuclei fuse together in a powerful explosion with massive amounts of energy released. The most common atom used in Fusion is Hydrogen. It is used due to its abundance, and it’s relatively low temperature needed for Fusion. Hydrogen is collected from the air by gathering water vapor, which is 2 parts Hydrogen, 1 part Oxygen. The water molecules are split into individual parts. The Oxygen is released while the Hydrogen is kept to be used in Fusion. The Hydrogen atoms are then put in magnetic chambers which levitate the atoms so they doesn’t melt nearby components. After that tiny, precise lasers are aimed at the atoms which heat up to the right temperature and fuse with massive amounts of heat generated. The heat is then put through a thermoelectric generator, which converts heat directly into electricity. Fusion is now used everywhere, from the largest power plants to the smallest handheld devices.
Fusion power was a great innovation, but couldn’t be made without the intelligence of some of the smartest people. Some of these innovators are children right now, so what you should do is properly educate these gifted students, because the future is in their hands.