My idea is an invention. Using robots with advanced hyper spectral imaging and a multiple tool compartment, these robots are designed to help with construction. They will consist of an outer shell made of carbon fiber and be constructed in a shape similar due to mobility. The carbon-fiber shell will make them lighter and still provide enough strength in-case they get damaged. The arms/appendages of this robot are connected through magnetic ball joints and the soles are flat and made of micro finger like edges to grip surfaces with edges made of magnetic material and also at the back half of the robot their is a small grappling hook that rotates 360 degrees to move it. On its head is a nozzle that behind is filled with a liquid gel that hardens in order to seal cracks or other mistakes in the construction. The multiple tool compartment is contained in the head cavity along with the programming slot and contains tools such as jack hammers, welder, screwdrivers and more. The programming slot is used to contain programming info for the robot to follow. These robots could help in the construction of buildings with more efficiency that humans.