There is a land where the unfathomable is possible, what is this place you must be asking. Tomorrowland, that is the name of this wonderful world. Tomorrowland is a place where nobody says anything can’t be done.
One particularly popular subject in Tomorrowland is something called Genetic Engineering, this is a science where you apply new traits to an organism’s genetic code. An example is when plants are genetically engineered to be resistant to some insects, this is the Genetic Engineering that exists in our world so far, but in Tomorrowland, it is so much more!

In Tomorrowland, Genetic Engineering has been taken so far that they can bring back extinct animals by changing the genetic code entirely, and more.

What they told me about their process for achieving such an amazing goal was that so many people became interested in that subject, and the more it was researched on, the more it was heard about. That’s apparently how it became so popular. That’s also what they said about how we can speed up the process of Genetic Engineering so that it may be as popular and evolved as it is in Tomorrowland. To make Genetic Engineering more known and to expose it more to youth, to inspire them to be in this field of science.

Tomorrowland generally uses Genetic Engineering for medical, environmental, and anything that will do good for their world. I hope we will do as much good as Tomorrowland does.